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Posted on May 07 2018


In 1878 the 'Hammermuhle' factory was founded. They produced forged screwdrivers, chisels, hammers, pliers and other tooling. It was from this company and using their years of experience that FELO was founded in 1950 in Neustadt, Germany.

Originally FELO had just two employees but through their enthusiasm and commitment to quality tools this has grown FELO to one of the leading screwdriver bit, screwdriver holders and VDE screwdriver manufacturers in the world with over 200 employees.


FELO use over 140 years of screwdriver and screwdriver bit production knowledge to produce new and innovative products which they ship to 40 countries worldwide and their name is synonymous for quality. 

FELO has 260 applications for industrial property rights showcasing their innovation. They have developed progressive ideas such as the 2 - part handle on their hand screwdrivers for added comfort and increased grip, titanium coated screwdriver bits and screwdrivers with interchangeable blades for electricians. Their curiosity and creativity has made them into a leader in product innovation.


' We want to inspire our customers! This doesnt just show in our products but also our flexibilty, reliability, customer service and cost efficiency. Test for yourself our strengths!' 

They back this us with a 15 year guaranty