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PTI Diamond Disc 7mm Segment 115mm

PTI Diamond Disc 7mm Segment 115mm

£2.76 (Inc VAT)



  • Blade: 115mm
  • Bore: 22.23mm
  • Max Speed: 13300rpm/80ms


  • Clean the flanges before mounting the blade and check for correct diameter
  • Ensure the arrow on the blade corresponds with the direction of rotation of the machine spindle
  • Ensure that the blade is balanced and running true
  • Avoid tilting the blade when cutting
  • Only use a machine that has an approved safety guard
  • Do not apply pressure and force on your diamond blade through the cut
  • The weight of the machine will suffice – increased pressure causes increased wear
  • Do not let excessive heat be generated at the cutting edge of the blade
  • Do not use your blade on metals or other unsuitable materials

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