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300mm 12" Black Combination Square PTI

300mm 12" Black Combination Square PTI

£14.39 (Inc VAT)


Combination squares are multi-purpose measuring and marking tools

They can be used as a:

  • Square, for marking and referencing 90° angles and checking if surfaces are flat and square to one another
  • Mitre square, for marking and referencing 45° angles, such as in woodworking for mitre joints
  • Spirit level, to check is a surface is level or similarly if a surface or edge is plumb (vertical)
  • Depth gauge or height gauge
  • Form of marking gauge for marking lines parallel to an edge, by setting the head to a certain distance from the end of the rule

Our PTI combination square guarantees accuracy as well as durability

  • Metric and imperial graduations
  • The strength and high corrosion resistance of aluminium ensures a product that will last a lifetime
  • Aluminium precision machining and tight tolerances result in one of the best blade locks available
  • Use the shoulder for a 45°

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