M-Factor Tungsten Carbide Tipped Foundry Bandsaw Blades 34mm x 1.10mm (1-1/4" x 0.042")

£107.04 (Inc VAT)

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Tungsten Carbide Tipped bandsaw blades for foundry aluminium cutting including aluminium castings, gates risers, extrusions and abrasive plywoods. Exceptional long life ad fast cutting of abrasive and non ferrous materials.

  • 34mm (1-1/4") Width
  • 1.10mm (0.042") Thickness
  • Sub-micron grade carbide tips - Higher wear resistance.
  • Triple chip ground carbide tips - Smooth surface finish.
  • High Chrome & Moly Steel Backer – Exceptional long fatigue life to reduce pre-mature breakage.

        Applications: Aluminium, Castings, Abrasive Woods and Composites.

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