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T7 x 90mm Screwdriver Bit 1/4" Hex

T7 x 90mm Screwdriver Bit 1/4" Hex

£9.30 (Inc VAT)


PTI T7 x 90mm Screwdriver Bit 1/4" Hex

Extra Hard bits are suitable for soft fixing. Ie. screwing into wood and high wear applications

Screwdriver bits are typically made up of a shaft and a tip. A screwdriver bit's shaft is typically hexagonal in shape, with six flat sides. This shaft is fitted into the end of a screwdriver that has a bit holder. The shaft's shape prevents the bit from rotating within the bit holder. The tip end of a screwdriver bit may have many shapes.The bit's head is designed to fit into the head of a screw. As the screwdriver is spun, the bit rotates as well. This is what causes the screw to turn.

Head style: Torx
Length: 90mm

Torx bits are shaped like 6-sided stars, and are utilised on everything from consumer electronics to cars. They are more resistant to cam-out than Phillips or

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