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FELO torsion screwdriver bit kit with magnetic holder - for use with impact drivers

£16.32 (Inc VAT)


The NEW Felo torsion screwdriver bit kit is ideal for use with an impact driver or hammer drill.

Standard screwdriver bits simply can not withstand the forces from these power tools leading to premature wearing and breakage. 

Torsion screwdriver bits are specially designed with the triple ridge on the shaft to act as a shock absorber reducing the forces on the tip of the bit. Thus reducing breakage, increasing life and saving you money.

The set comes with the following 

2 x PZ1 Torsion screwdriver bits

3 x PZ2 Torsion Screwdriver bits

1 x PZ3 Torsion Screwdriver bits

1 x Magnetic holder


All in a flip case for ease of use and fast bit changeover.

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