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Empire 7" Imperial Rafter Roofing Square

Empire 7" Imperial Rafter Roofing Square

£7.50 (Inc VAT)

  • Solid aluminum extruded square will not bend or break
  • Conversion tables for common application needs
  • Deep stamped
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from proprietary steel and heat-treated to control hardness
  • The forged tip allows for a secure grip and maximum contact eliminating stripping
  • The Shockwave Impact Duty accessory line is not only ideal for heavy-duty impact applications

Mark lumber and lay out angles accurately when you choose this superior, heavy-duty square. Permanently stamped conversion tables simplify measurement tasks. Thick, bend- and break-proof aluminum frame may be safely used as a saw guide. Included instruction manual and complete rafter tables help ensure proper usage. Square Type: Framing Blade Length: 7quot; Materials: Aluminum.


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